A Wild Week: A Recap of the 2022 SEMA Show

Every year, builders, drivers, enthusiasts and the biggest automotive companies in the world meet in the Nevada desert for the world's largest automotive tradeshow, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. With hundreds of companies displaying their latest products through thousands of mind-blowing custom builds, SEMA is the peak of the automotive calendar. It's a must-see event for anyone who's into cars, despite being one of the most exclusive shows, with only brand employees and media receiving passes. Since everyone deserves to experience this event, we reached out to our partners to help share their experience with all DIYers.

With all 3.2 million square feet occupied by some of the coolest builds you've ever seen, there's always something interesting to see at SEMA. Some must-sees are Throtl's (@throtl) builds, namely their Fast & Furious-inspired 1000hp Modern Day MK4 Supra and rear-wheel drive converted Honda EK Civic.



Source | Throtl


Throtl is known for creating some wild builds and this year was no different. Not only a piece of car culture history but also insanely powerful. Their latest build, a 1994 Toyota MK4 Supra, brings back the early 2000s nostalgia, styled exactly like Paul Walker's Supra from the original The Fast & The Furious, complete with the correct livery and a 2JZ making nearly 1000 horsepower. With a few stops at their local Advance Auto Parts for all the fluids and parts they needed, along with the help of their other sponsors, they got this incredible build together in just a couple of months. Now, after SEMA, they were able to get the Supra on a dyno and were able to reach 860+ wheel horsepower before reaching the limits of their dyno with much more power to put down.



Source | Throtl


Throtl also brought out their long-time build, The FREK, a front-engine, rear-wheel drive 1999 Honda EK Civic hatchback that took nearly three years to build. Usually a front-wheel drive car, the Throtl team has been working on this build since 2019 and finally finished it this year. With a K24 and Honda S2000 transmission and assorted parts and fluids from their local Advance Auto Parts, this EK Civic is one of a kind and even got some track time before its appearance at the Magnaflow booth at this year's SEMA Show.

While Throtl represented with some wild builds, Stephanie Rodriguez (@stephaniedrifts) experienced everything else SEMA had to offer, from educational seminars to hands-on product testing. Beyond anything you'd expect at a typical trade-show. After attending some seminars on content creation and marketing, Stephanie also got to experience laser welding and riding a motorcycle for the first time. Even after five years of attending SEMA, Stephanie tells us that there's never a dull moment and always something new to learn or see.

SEMA is about more than just the builds, booths and seminars. It's about the community created within the automotive industry and the diverse perspectives shared that elevate the industry as a whole. Stephanie was able to meet so many enthusiasts and builders, while learning more with her very own Advance Auto Parts trivia challenge with a sweet pair of Advance sunglasses as their prize.

After four days of the most exciting event in the automotive calendar, SEMA is a wrap. Everyone heads home, but not before having one last hurrah at SEMA Ignited. While SEMA is closed to the public, SEMA Ignited is open to all and gives everyone outside the opportunity to see a glimpse of what SEMA is all about. As soon as SEMA ends, most attendees, ourselves included, start looking forward to the next year, letting their imaginations go wild with thoughts of projects and what 2023 may bring.


What were your favorite moments from the 2022 SEMA Show? Tell us more in the comments.


Last updated December 29, 2022