Infotainment Display Busted? Here's What to Do

From our phones and tablets to our kitchen appliances and home thermostats, multi-function touchscreen interfaces have worked their way into everything we use. Our cars and trucks are no exception. Today, more than ever, our vehicles rely on the versatility of multi-purpose displays to operate features like navigation, entertainment, and climate controls.

The infotainment display — which can go by many names, such as infotainment module, GPS navigation screen, head unit, etc., depending on the manufacturer and functions – may be a modern wonder, but it can wear out like any other component. In the specific case of touchscreen interfaces, like the Cadillac CUE display, a cracked screen can leave the touch sensors completely inoperable. If yours is busted, here's what to do.

Dorman infotainment display in use

Source | Dorman Products

Benefits of a Remanufactured Display

Replacing a complete infotainment module used to mean you had to go back to the dealership for a new unit, which can be expensive and complicated once the vehicle's warranty has expired. But there is now a growing line of fully remanufactured infotainment modules for many popular vehicles. These units are direct replacements for the original equipment modules, and each one has been thoroughly refurbished and fully tested in the United States at a state-of-the-art electronics remanufacturing facility.

These like-new replacements offer the exact same functions and features as the factory infotainment displays, allowing them to integrate seamlessly with specific vehicles. Not only do they retain the original appearance and functionality of the factory unit, maintaining the vehicles' resale value, but they also offer a significant cost savings compared to the dealership option — typically coming in around 15 percent lower.

Dorman infotainment display

Source | Dorman Products

Easy Steps to Replace an Infotainment Display

Replacing a damaged infotainment display with a remanufactured one is typically a simple job that even most novice installers can handle. While care must be taken to avoid damaging the dashboard and trim parts around the display unit, once it's loose from its mountings the procedure involves little more than unplugging the electrical connections from the old display and plugging in the new one. Here's a step-by-step install video for a Cadillac CUE replacement.

Pro Tip

After you install the new module, test every function to make sure that all the electrical connections – including the radio antenna – have been securely reconnected before reassembling the dashboard trim.

Even setup afterward is straightforward for most applications, requiring no special programming. There's no need to visit the dealership since each part is pre-programmed for the vehicle's exact equipment.

The ordering process is as quick and effortless as the installation, with most orders shipping same-day. When the display arrives, it includes a pre-paid return shipping label to return the old display. Simply put the original, damaged unit back in the same box, apply the shipping label and drop it off to be returned.

With these newly available solutions, you can maintain your vehicle's functionality, comfort and resale value easily and affordably.

Have you ever replaced the infotainment system in a vehicle? Let us know how it went in the comments.

Last updated September 16, 2020