K&N Air Filter Review

The K&N cabin air filter keeps dust, pollen, allergens, and other fine particulates from making their way into your vehicle's HVAC system. They're a standard feature on practically any car from the late '90s on, and they really do a lot to improve your quality of life inside the car's cabin.

Image courtesy of K&N

K&N Air Filter Review

K&N's air filter is an innovative design with some features that others can't match, such as:

  • Electrostatic charge, to trap and capture more particulates
  • Washable and reusable to be more environmentally friendly
  • Filter medium that's designed to trap smaller particles
  • Denser pleat pattern than other cabin air filters

K&N's air filters are precision cut for a good fit on your make and model of vehicle, and come with clear instructions for ease of installation. They're also odorless and require a service interval of 12,000 miles or 12 months before they need cleaning again (and being able to clean and reuse a quality filter makes a lot of sense).

K&N Air Filter Customer Reviews

  • "Would Buy Again: Works very well, great value, easy to install."
  • "Buy Again: Always buy these for each car I buy."
  • "Always Run K&N: Always replace existing air filters with K&N. Better gas mileage and good quality."
  • "Last Filter I Need To Buy: Perfect fit and I feel a few more horses under the hood!"

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Last updated February 12, 2019