Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Best Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Even though most marine batteries offer a fair amount of reliability, everyone wants the best deep cycle marine battery possible. After all, you want to get the most out of your boat battery before it needs replacing. There are plenty of marine batteries on the market that have a high enough level of performance to fit the bill. However, you will be hard-pressed to find a battery that can beat a model like Blue Top Optima.

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Deep cycle boat batteries often have similar cranking amp ratings as car batteries, but at the same time, their deeper cycles reduce the number of charge/discharge cycles they can withstand in favor of a higher amp-hour rating and greater capacity. This isn't very practical for a car battery, but a well-made deep cycle marine battery should work like this. Efficient power delivery and faster recharge time mean that you'll spend less time worrying about your battery and more time out on the water. There are countless brands that come close, but only Optima batteries actually have the performance stats, technology and resilience to fit the profile of a desirable marine battery.

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The Blue Top Optima is a high-performance battery that has massive amounts of power to offer — up to 750 CCA. This deep cycle battery features the brand's famous SPIRACELL technology, which is designed to have up to 15 times more vibration resistance than any other boat battery. This means that you can hit those waves without having to worry. Also, the non-spill design of the battery makes it virtually maintenance-free and enables you to mount it in multiple ways.

Although it's slightly on the heavier side, the Blue Top's dual-purpose design gives it an ideal level of performance when you're powering your equipment and when you need to start the engine. This is one of the most powerful batteries you can get for your money if you want a rating of 1,125 A with a reserve capacity of 155 minutes.

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"Purchased this for an RV after trying other marine/RV deep cycle batteries. Wow, the power is excellent in operating the hydraulics. Will never purchase conventional batteries again. Highly recommend." - Verified Buyer

Most buyers have an excellent opinion about the Blue Top Optima, saying that it has significant power and that it can power most of the electronics on their boat, including GPS systems and music systems. RV owners have it even better — one went through an entire week running everything at normal power without needing to charge the battery at all. If you ask most people who have used it, they can definitely tell you that the Blue Top Optima is the best deep cycle marine battery they have ever owned. 

Last updated January 11, 2021