DieHard Hits the Streets of Charlotte, Delivering Reliability, Confidence and Hype to Local Dads

On a mission to deliver the confidence that accompanies DieHard tools, Advance participated in a weekend full of surprise-and-delight activities across Charlotte, N.C. Advance Auto Parts recently announced the launch of DieHard hand tools – just in time for Father’s Day! DieHard’s new line of tools will spark confidence for DIYers of all skill levels, including emerging automotive DIY enthusiasts.

On May 14, the DieHard Hype Man in a Van visited an Advance location in Charlotte to begin their quest of delivering confidence and tools. Over two days, local dads were greeted by their personal confidence booster – renowned Charlotte hype man Jake Fehling and the “DieHard Hype Man in a Van.”

Surprises Around Town 

Jake and his Hype Man crew also surprised numerous dads with their own DieHard tool set. Throughout the day, dads visiting the store were identified and intercepted, energetically greeted by Jake himself. On top of a boisterous boost of confidence, each dad received their own set of DieHard tools, leaving the store more equipped and confident to take on their next DIY project.


Surprise Store Visit | Jake Fehling, Charlotte N.C. 

The Hype Van Makes Road Trips 

The next day, they loaded up the Hype Van with DieHard tool sets and garage gear and took their confidence-delivering mission on the road. Catching them by surprise, the Hype Van arrived at the homes of two modern DIY dads. 

Surprising Dad at home |  Charlotte, N.C.

With a burst of vibrant energy, Fehling and the Hype Man crew delivered DieHard tools to each of the dads. Thanks to the DieHard Hype Man in a Van crew, there are new groups of automotive DIYers in the Charlotte community that have the equipment and confidence needed to tackle new projects. Every time you use a DieHard tool, you’ll have the reliability and confidence to tackle your own DIY project.

Don’t just read about it. Watch how the DieHard tool giveaway unfolded here! 

Last updated June 9, 2022