5 Hacks to Get More Out of Gas Rewards

Whether it's duct tape or the Konami Code, everyone loves a good hack. But hacks that save you money? Sign me up.

In the first week of 2022, Advance Auto Parts introduced Gas Rewards with Shell, a new way to get even more bang for your buck as a Speed Perks Member. If you're already with Speed Perks, then the good news is you've automatically been signed up for Gas Rewards — in fact, you might have some points waiting to be used on your next fill-up. If you're not a Speed Perks Member yet, you can sign up quickly online or in your local store.

What are Speed Perks and Gas Rewards?

For the uninitiated, there are three tiers to Speed Perks membership: Club, VIP and Elite. There are no fees involved — you climb the ranks as you spend more money at Advance, similar to other rewards programs. Let's say you're at Club level; with Gas Rewards, you'll save $0.05/gallon at Shell for every $50 you spend at Advance. This is in addition to the $5 Perks Bucks you would already get with Speed Perks.

But what if you want more?

Understandable. Gas prices fluctuate and when they get high, you can hear your wallet crying every time you have to stop at the gas station. So let's start breaking down some hacks to get the most out of your Gas Rewards.

1. Get rewards faster as a VIP or Elite Member

To get VIP status, you only have to spend $200 throughout the year (an easy total to reach if you're an avid DIYer). To get Elite, you have to spend $500.

Once you're at these levels, you have to spend less to get Gas Rewards. Here's an example:

Member Level Amount Spent to Save $0.05/gallon
Club $50
VIP $45.45
Elite $40


Our recommendation? Make that first big purchase of the year count. A DieHard Gold battery alone, for example, will probably take you to VIP level. And if you've got a big project planned, make sure you sign up for rewards before you start purchasing parts.


2. Your Gas Rewards stack

Let's say you spend $50 on headlights one week and then $110 on oil changes for the family two weeks later. You now have $0.15/gallon as a Club Member at your next fill-up! But wait, it gets even better because —


3. There is no limit to reward stacking, only gallons per fill-up!

You can stack and stack and stack and stack those rewards until your fill-up is FREE (we're serious, free). Now keep this in mind: rewards can only be used once, and they are limited to 20 gallons per fill-up. That's more than what your average fuel tank holds, so why not top off a gas can while you're at it?


4. Save even more when you link your Speed Perks account to a Shell Fuel Rewards account

Let's keep stacking, shall we? If you don't have a Shell Fuel Rewards account, sign up here. It's free and will give you:

  • An extra $0.25/gallon on your first fill-up
  • An extra $0.05/gallon on every fill-up after that

The same 20-gallon limit applies, but you already know the drill; don't let those rewards go to waste!


5. Your rewards take over 30 days to expire

When you get Gas Rewards from your purchases, you get the rest of that month plus the entire next month to stack and save up your rewards. For example: if you get a reward on September 7th, you have until October 31st to spend it. We're not in the business of taking your rewards before you can use them, so keep stacking!

Getting gas | Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Need more ways to save on gas?

We have some recommendations. First, check your owner's manual to see if E85 gas can be used in your vehicle. E85 is processed from locally sourced corn, making it cheaper. And yes, it can make your exhaust smell like kettle corn.

Second, ask yourself if you're filling up more often due to poor fuel economy. Especially look into it if the check engine light comes on — a couple of common CEL codes can be caused by issues that will drain your fuel faster than usual.

TL;DR: Sign up for Gas Rewards today and start saving!

Do you have any tips for saving money on gas? Tell us in the comments below!

Last updated January 27, 2022