Road Trip: Exploring Patrick County VA


Many people look forward to the fall season. The temps cool, people pull out their boots and scarves, and there's pumpkin spice everything. Of all the wonders that fall brings, though, the most magnificent is the changing leaves and those bright, vibrant colors.

Throughout the Southeast, in particular, you'll find scenic routes and spots to gaze at the fall foliage, but in Patrick County, Virginia, you'll find much more. Here we take a look at this beautiful area of the country and all you should take time to see.

A bit of historyundefined

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Patrick County is home to eight historical covered bridges, including the Bob White and Jack's Creek bridges in Woolwine. The county is also home to Ararat, the birthplace of Civil War general J.E.B. Stuart and a great place to watch Civil War reenactments. There's a lot more history to discover in Patrick County, so plan to take a couple of days to experience it all.


Agritourism is pretty much what it sounds like: tourist attractions around agricultural areas like farms or ranches. Patrick County is home to many family farms, and the tradition of farming has been passed down through the generations. From simple scene tours to hands-on activities, you and the whole family are sure to enjoy all these family-owned farms and ranches have to offer.

Lover's Leap

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One of the most breathtaking views of the fall foliage can be found at Lover's Leap in Meadows of Dan, VA. In the 1600s, Native Americans inhabited the area and all through the Blue Ridge Mountains. When the settlers came in, conflict arose between the groups, but not all was violent. Legend has it that the son of a settler caught the gaze of the chief's daughter and fell instantly in love.

They began to meet in secrecy, and their love began to flourish. Unfortunately, once they were found out, they were threatened and shunned. In an effort to make their love last forever, the couple jumped from a cliff, the rocks and wildflowers below. Today, many tourists swear they can hear whispers in the wind and are convinced that the couple's love is what has kept this area beautiful and lush for centuries.

Stay for a while

Whether you want to rough it in the woods with a tent and sleeping bag, spend a night in comfort and Southern hospitality, or live in luxury in a mountainside retreat, Patrick County is your destination. Stop by Fairy Stone State Park, Rocky Knob, Wolf Creek Haven, and more to pop your tent or take advantage of wooded cabins. For more comfort, relax at Woodberry Inn off the Blue Ridge Parkway or check out the Primland resort and all of the luxurious accommodations available. Check out all the great places to stay in Patrick County.

Grab a bite

Just as with accommodation, there's something to eat for everyone. You can get the down-home cooking you've heard so much about in the South or true fine dining, depending on your mood. Family-style restaurants like Stuart Family Restaurant in Stuart or Mabry Mill Restaurant in Meadows of Dan are your go-to for a more relaxed atmosphere. For more refined tastes, experience Chateau Morrisette or Primland resort. If you're looking for something more familiar, there are plenty of chain restaurants, too.

No matter where you go, what you want to do, or the activity you want to participate in, you'll likely find it in Patrick County, Virginia. You may not be able to travel the entire 486-square mile county in one weekend, but that's all the more reason to come back again and again.

Last updated June 6, 2018