Ricky Boothe is an automotive hobbyist living in Lynchburg, Virginia. This hobby has become more of an art, as he works on and restores classic cars and trucks. "Some people see a car as just a mode of transportation. Gear heads see them as a work of art. I view it as all of the above."

Ricky spends time in his garage building and restoring hot rods, muscle cars, motorcycles, and more. His hobby comes from a respect for the past and the "old cars and what they meant." But his love of the old doesn't stop him from appreciating contemporary vehicles like those on the drag strip capable of a quick 8-second quarter mile.

Recently, Ricky has been restoring and rebuilding a blue 1969 Chevy Camaro, reproduction body. Since purchasing it in 2015, Ricky has replaced every piece on the car with new parts and has even done some custom work on it to add his flair. "The end result is being able to say that you did it."

Ricky trusts his local Advance Auto Parts to supply him with all the pieces he needs to complete his '69 Camaro. When he walks in, he knows the employees by name and they know his. It's all part of that neighborhood feel that Advance strives for.

Stay tuned for more Advance customer profiles, and be sure to visit your local Advance Auto Parts for all of your DIY automotive needs.

Last updated June 6, 2018