Chris Fix: How to Replace a Radiator - complete guide

Is your car overheating? Do you see coolant leaking from your vehicle?

It sounds like it's time for a thorough checkup of your cooling system. While you're at it, you'll want to use a hydrometer to check the condition and specific gravity of your coolant. A refractometer can give you an even better indication of the condition of your coolant, and it isn't a bad idea to take your overheating car to a shop for a pressure test. A pressure test will quickly indicate any leaks or weak spots in the system, as it subjects the radiator, hoses, hose clamps, thermostat and water pump to higher-than-normal operating pressure.

How to Replace a Radiator

Learn tips and tricks for how to diagnose and replace a radiator in this thorough video from DIY auto expert Chris Fix.

About Radiators

The radiator is an integral part of your car's engine coolant system. Its primary purpose is to keep the engine cool — if the radiator were to malfunction, the engine would overheat and that would damage the engine. When replacing a radiator, it's a good idea to check or replace related items like thermostats, hoses, and clamps. Carquest Radiators have a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects and are available online or at your local Advance Auto Parts store.

About Chris Fix

Chris Fix is a jack of all car trades, with expertise in fixing and installing many automotive parts. His YouTube channel—the No. 1 automotive DIY channel in the world—attracts millions of fans who are interested in simple fixes and restorations, all the way up to the expert-level repairs that many people would take their cars in to a shop for.


Last updated October 17, 2023