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As with so many things in life, your choices for purchasing vehicle parts can be downright overwhelming. In a sea of options, wouldn't it be nice to know there's one go-to spot with a brand you know you can trust? With a full lineup of FRAM® fluids and filters, make Advance Auto Parts your go-to. We've got the right parts at the right time with the FRAM® brand you trust. Keep reading to learn more about our lineup and find the right products for your vehicle.

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FRAM® Fluids and Filters at Advance

Air Filters

FRAM Drive™ air filters are the balance of economy and performance you need.

FRAM Drive air filter

An engine needs three basic things to run: spark, fuel, and air. Therefore, it's critically important that your engine receives the right amount of air. Too much or too little means your engine won't operate at peak efficiency. FRAM has invested years of research into developing filtration media that allows just the right amount of air to the engine while still trapping dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm an engine.

Any particles that make it past the air filter will enter the engine. Sure, individual dirt and dust particles are small and may seem harmless but they can scratch the inner components of an engine like cylinder walls, pistons, and valves. Over time, this accelerates the wear on the engine. FRAM Drive air filters provide the right balance of trapping dirt while not restricting airflow.

Have you ever thought about the edges of your air filter? If not, we get it. But the frame of the filter is actually an important component that has some surprising science behind it. Filters have to fit snugly within the housing and stay put in their proper position for the life of the filter. Therefore, the frame has to be composed of just the right chemical mix. On most model applications, the FRAM Drive air filter frame uses a polyurethane mix in order to achieve this important function.

Best of all? They're so easy to install. Most FRAM Drive air filters can be installed in 15 minutes, and often in much less time than that with practice.

Did You Know?

FRAM® is named for its two founders, Franklin and Aldham. Read more about FRAM's long history of success and innovation.

Oil Filters

Motor oil becomes contaminated in the engine—it's inevitable. That's why it's important to change your oil filter with every oil change. The oil filter's job is to trap the tiny contaminants that will cause internal engine damage if left unchecked.

It sounds straightforward, but like most parts on your vehicle, there's a whole lot of research and ongoing innovation that goes into making a quality oil filter. FRAM® has been a leader in this area since the 1930s and we are not ashamed to admit we're pretty excited about the filters that are exclusively available at Advance. In fact, we're so excited we wrote a whole article about them, but here are the highlights on the FRAM Titanium™, Force™, and Drive™ oil filters.

1. FRAM Titanium™

FRAM Titanium filter

FRAM Titanium filters use premium materials to provide peak performance for up to 20,000 miles. And you can forget the usual hassle of replacing your oil filter with the Total Grip™ coating, which allows quick and easy removal and installation.


2. FRAM Force™

FRAM Force filter

Harsh weather, stop-and-go traffic, and towing are a few of the conditions that can lead to increased engine wear, and FRAM Force oil filters are built to provide engine protection in extreme conditions. They also feature the Total Grip™ coating, allowing you to get the job done faster and easier.

3. FRAM Drive™

FRAM Drive oil filter

The FRAM Drive oil filter is an excellent choice for the everyday driver. For those who value economy but still demand reliability, this is it. The FRAM Drive filter is compatible with both synthetic and conventional oils and lasts for up to 7,500 miles.


Motor Oils

Taking good care of your engine with regular oil changes is arguably the most important maintenance you can perform on your vehicle. Not only is it important to change your oil on time, but you also want to get the oil that is best suited for your vehicle's needs. Keep reading to find the right FRAM oil for you at Advance.

Pro tip: Don't forget to add your vehicle to find the correct oil grade for your vehicle.

1. FRAM® Full Synthetic

FRAM full synthetic oil 5 qt bottle

Perhaps the greatest benefit of synthetic oil can be summarized in one word: stability. Your engine operates under a range of conditions, from cold to very hot, and the oil must be able to protect interior components across the board. FRAM Full Synthetic oil is a blend of high-quality synthetic base stocks, enhanced additives, detergents, and anti-wear agents that offer superior engine protection. The stability of these oils means quicker flow and better engine protection on cold starts, less thinning at higher temperatures, and consistent engine protection from heat buildup throughout all operating temperature ranges.

Why we recommend it:

  • Optimized oil flow at start-up, which helps oil lubricate every part of the engine more quickly to prevent wear
  • Less evaporation in hotter modern engines reduces oil consumption, reducing the needs for top offs and offering peace of mind
  • Excellent sludge, oxidation and varnish protection
  • Slows engine leaks, which can eventually damage other components like the alternator and electrical connectors if not repaired
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, giving your engine the protection it needs to extend engine life

Tech Specs:

  • Meets the newest API: SP, SN Plus, SN specifications
  • Many meet the latest standard ILSAC GF-6A Resource Conserving
  • Backwards compatible with older engines

2. FRAM® Full Synthetic High Mileage

FRAM full synthetic high mileage 5 qt bottle

The high-mileage formulation provides all the great benefits of FRAM full synthetic, plus it's formulated to slow oil leaks, clean out sludge, reduce oil consumption and increase efficiency (hello, savings!). This oil is specifically formulated for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the clock, helping to keep engines running clean and strong with improved fuel economy.


Tech Specs:

  • Meets the newest API: SP, SN Plus, SN specifications·
  • Many meet the latest standard ILSAC GF-6A Resource Conserving specifications in conjunction with API SP
  • Backwards compatible with older engines

3. FRAM® Conventional

FRAM conventional oi 5 qt bottle

FRAM Conventional Motor Oil is your ideal choice for normal driving conditions. The high-quality base stocks plus additives provide reliable engine protection across a range of conditions.



Why we recommend it:

  • Helps prevent low-speed pre-ignition
  • Helps protect the timing chain from wear
  • Keeps pistons clean
  • Compatible with turbos

Tech Specs:

  • Meets API SP, SN Plus, SN, SM, and earlier API service categories

4. FRAM® High Mileage

FRAM high mileage conventional oil 5 qt bottle

The high-mileage formulation provides the same protection as FRAM Conventional, but the high-mileage formulation also has enhanced additives to help reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. It's been specially formulated for engines that have done more than 75,000 miles — added benefits include protection of seals to reduce oil consumption and prevention of high-temperature deposits and ring sticking. This oil is also formulated with a proprietary additive package designed to protect higher mileage engines from wear associated with metal-to-metal contact to prolong the useful life of the vehicle.

Tech Specs:

  • Meets API: SP, SN Plus, SN specifications and earlier API service categories
  • Protects domestic and imported vehicles with gasoline or light-duty diesel engines
  • Compatible with turbo- and super-charged engines

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Last updated June 3, 2021