New TRICO Wipers Bring Maximum Visibility to More Vehicles

A lot of things can go wrong over a vehicle's lifetime. Some problems – such as a window that won't go down or a burned-out interior light – are minor inconveniences that can wait until you have time to fix it yourself or take it to a trusted technician. Other issues – such as a dead battery or a broken serpentine belt – are major problems that demand immediate attention before you can drive again.

Falling somewhere between “minor inconvenience" and “major problem" are aging wiper blades. As they near the end of their lifecycle, wiping performance begins to diminish, streaking and chattering increase, and visibility declines. If they're not replaced soon and continue to deteriorate, the blades will reach a point where you're caught in a storm with no way to get a clear view of the road ahead.

Fortunately, wiper blade replacement is an easy and inexpensive maintenance item that should be performed regularly before problems arise. And, just as vehicle technology continues to evolve and improve, so too does wiper blade technology.


Consider, for example, a trio of new wipers from TRICO, collectively referred to as TRICO Solutions. Each blade in this family is designed and engineered specifically to deliver maximum performance for:



Since Asian-manufactured vehicles dominate the top 10 list of cars and SUVs sold in the U.S. in 2021, let's start by looking at what makes TRICO's Asian Fit wipers a strong contender when it's time to replace wiper blades.

TRICO's Asian Fit wipers are engineered exclusively to fit Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and other Asian-manufactured vehicles, in part because they're an exact match for those vehicles' original equipment wipers in terms of hybrid style and performance.

Each blade's low profile improves its resistance to wind lift, and it's designed for all weather conditions thanks to a polymer shell that protects it from the elements. Available blade lengths range from 14" to 28".



In addition to Asian-manufactured vehicles, drivers in the U.S. also have a love affair with pickups, so it makes perfect sense that there's also a wiper blade now designed specifically with them in mind.

TRICO Truck is engineered for performance in exactly the types of driving conditions that pickup truck drivers often find themselves in: tough ones, because of weather, the terrain or both. These truck blades – available in blade lengths ranging from 16" to 26" – are 20% heavier than average beam blades, because of a heavy-duty design that uses more durable components. The blades also perform in extreme conditions thanks in part to a rugged airfoil that repels dirt, debris, snow and ice, and because they're engineered for maximum windshield contact in all elements.

TRICO High Mileage


It's not a well-known fact that one part that wears out on high-mileage vehicles is wiper arms. On vehicles with 75,000+ miles, the arms have delivered nearly a lifetime of performance. During that service, the arms may have suffered slight damage and certainly wear, either of which could impact wiping effectiveness even with new blades installed.

TRICO's High Mileage blades are designed to deliver clear visibility, even as a vehicle ages. This is thanks to a coupler that distributes optimal pressure on the window and an airfoil that utilizes wind force to create uniform wiper pressure. TRICO's technology on this blade helps deliver the cleanest, clearest wipe on every pass, while the blades' robust superstructure provides durable performance in any type of weather. Available blade lengths range from 14" to 28".

To find your exact wiper blade match, use Advance's Add a Vehicle feature. Then, have them shipped to your home or come pick up in-store in 30 minutes or less and have the blades installed for free!

Last updated December 10, 2021