Now Available: Free Automotive Battery Registration

Do you own a vehicle that needs the battery to be registered when replaced? If so, we have some great news for you! Advance Auto Parts now provides FREE battery registration with installation when you buy a new battery in store or online. This free service is available for most vehicles and at most locations. Read on for more details.


What is battery registration, and why do you need it?

Consider the complexity of electrical demands on modern vehicles. Top battery performance is crucial to keeping your car running safely. To regulate the car’s charging system and keep things going at an optimal level, certain modern vehicles are equipped with a battery management system. With it, the electrical system will adapt and operate as efficiently as possible, even when the battery isn't at 100% battery life. But as DIYers will tell you, even the most well-maintained battery eventually loses charging capacity. 

Fast forward to when it’s time to replace the battery: Your car’s Battery Management System also needs to be reset, and that’s when the crucial registration step takes place. Battery registration updates and resets the critical battery information in your vehicle’s computer, allowing it to maintain proper and stable voltage. 


What happens if I don’t register the battery? 

When you don’t register, the car’s computer will not synch or reset to the new battery. In other words, it won’t “recognize” the new battery installed and still “think” the older battery is in use. That could set the vehicle into limp mode—which causes parts of the car to switch off and reduces the car's speed. It can also shut down electrical systems or prevent them from starting until registration is complete. 


But do I need to register MY car’s new battery?

Great question and the answer is, “It depends.” Registration is predominantly for, but not limited to, newer European makes and models like BMW, Mini, Volkswagen, and Audi. However, this requirement will likely extend to other vehicles soon. It’s best to check your owner’s manual or stop by your local Advance Auto Parts and ask one of our knowledgeable Team Members who are always available to answer your battery questions.


Is it expensive to register the new battery?

It doesn’t have to be! It can be FREE with a new automotive battery purchase at Advance Auto Parts. When you buy from us in-store or online, we install your new battery for FREE, and if it is for a vehicle that requires battery registration, we’ll do that for you for FREE as well. 
Now you can skip the potentially expensive trip to the dealership and get your battery tested, replaced, and (if required) registered, all for FREE—three great reasons to make the most of our comprehensive battery services at Advance Auto Parts. We look forward to helping you with all of your battery needs!

Last updated February 16, 2023