What Size Battery Do I Need For My Car


What Size Car Battery Do I Need for My Car and Where Do I Find It?

Many car owners tend to ask, “what size car battery do I need for my car, and where should I look for the right answer?” The important thing to note is that, when it comes to car batteries, one size doesn’t fit all. It just makes sense that a big V8 or diesel in a truck will require a better battery than a little subcompact with a 4-cylinder engine. That’s why there are different standards for each car model and brand. Failing to choose the right size and type of car battery can lead to lower efficiency and much shorter battery life. Learn which battery is right for your vehicle.

Why Car Battery Size Is Important

What size car battery do I need for my car, and why is size even important? A lot of people tend to ask this question, and it is indeed a valid one. There is more to the size of your car battery than simply making sure it fits in your car. In the case of classic, lead-acid designs, a larger battery can also mean greater performance. More cold cranking amps and a greater reserve capacity is in store, if you select a larger size, while smaller sizes are usually reserved for less demanding vehicles and driving conditions. Modern, compact and lightweight batteries can also be used, if the battery technology allows for such a design. However, to get the adequate CCA rating in a lighter design, you’ll usually need to choose a more expensive type of car battery for the job.

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Choosing the Right Group and Size for Your Vehicle

When considering the question “what size car battery do I need for my car,” you’ll find that the car industry’s standardized size groups will help you out. Basically, there are different groups for each type and size of battery, and they are categorized based on spatial dimensions, the position of the positive and negative terminals and the cold cranking amp rating of the battery. Online size charts and web apps designed to link car models with battery sizes and groups will be your simplest choice when it comes to determining what size car battery you actually need. Or if you find the internet daunting, just ask the guys at your local parts store and they can help.

BCI Standards and Battery Size Considerations

You might ask, “what size car battery do I need for my car and how do I choose the right BCI size code?” The BCI came up with codes like 22F and 94R especially to make your job easier when it comes to selecting the right size and type of car battery for your vehicle. These designations or codes are the only numbers you’ll actually need when looking for a new car battery, but you have to make sure you’ve got the right code first. You can do so by consulting an online battery size chart, which will give you the dimensions, CCA rating and several other details associated with each battery size group. If you find these details in your car owner manual, then check for them in a size chart, locating the correct code will be entirely easy.

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Things to Remember When Choosing Car Battery Sizes

When choosing the right size car battery, you have to know how many cranking amps your battery needs, how long do car battery technologies last and how size affects performance in the case of each different technology. Many inexperienced car owners go straight to a mechanic to inquire about these details. As it is, asking an expert “what size car battery do I need for my car?” is not necessary, as long as you simply have access to your car owner manual and a working internet connection. From our website, click "add a vehicle" and then shop for batteries. We will let you know what size battery will fit your vehicle. 

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Last updated February 23, 2022