An Internet guide to humorous traffic laws

Advance Auto PartsAs you can probably imagine, there are loads of humorous traffic laws floating around the Internet, claiming to be real. Real or not, some of them are downright hilarious. Read on for your entertainment...just not while driving!

Alabama Traffic Laws

Alabama traffic laws include this puzzler: it's illegal to drive in that state while blindfolded. (We'd like to say that this is a bad idea in ANY state.)


Alaska Traffic Laws

If you have a dog, it isn't legal to strap him to the top of your car.


Arkansas Traffic Laws

It is illegal to blast the horn of your car after 9 p.m.–that is, if sandwiches and/or cold beverages are available. Hmmm.


California Traffic Laws

There are multiple California traffic laws that are unique and interesting, including:


  • In Eureka, California, it's not permissible to sleep on the road.
  • It is illegal in the city of Chico to plant rutabagas in the street.
  • In Glendale, California, it is illegal to leap from a vehicle that's traveling at 65 m.p.h.


Connecticut Traffic Laws

It isn't legal to hunt from your car in this state. And, no, not even during deer season.


Georgia Traffic Laws

In the city of Dublin, you aren't allowed to drive through a playground.


Kansas Traffic Laws

One of the localized Kansas traffic laws is broken all across the country: if you're in the city of Derby, screeching your tires is not allowed and is in fact a misdemeanor offense.

Are you transporting dead chickens and other poultry? If so, you'll need to reroute your trip so you don't go through Topeka, Kansas.


Kentucky Traffic Laws

Dogs are not permitted to chase cars in the city of Fort Thomas.


Maryland Traffic Laws

If you don't want a misdemeanor on your record, don't swear in Rockville.


Minnesota Traffic Laws

One of the Minnetonka, Minnesota traffic laws states that you'll be labeled a "public nuisance" if your truck leaves behind dirt, mud or a sticky residue on the street.


Nevada Traffic Laws

In the city of Reno, there are plenty of "No Standing" signs. To stop any smart alecks from finding a way around this law, it isn't legal to put any chairs or benches in the road.


New Jersey Traffic Laws

If you live in New Jersey and plan to pass another car, you need to honk first.

In Blairstown, you aren't permitted to plant a tree in the road.


New York Traffic Laws

Planning to undress? If you're in Sag Harbor, it isn't legal to do so in your car.


North Carolina Traffic Laws

Officials in Dunn, North Carolina, have decreed that:

Playing in traffic is not legal. Neither is driving through a cemetery.


Ohio Traffic Laws

In Canton, it's illegal to wear roller skates in a street with cars.


West Virginia Traffic Laws

In the Mountain State, officials have deemed it perfectly legal for anyone to scavenge road kill.

What unusual or humorous traffic laws, rules and regulations do you know about that didn't make our list?


Editor's note: Be cautious, laughing while driving is a major traffic violation in several states. As you're pondering the validity of such a "law," just bear in mind that the deals you'll find at Advance Auto Parts are no laughing matter whatsoever. Buy online, pick up in store to save time.

Last updated June 6, 2018