Our Top Five Convertible Drives in America

People say that everyone should own or drive a convertible at least once in their lifetime. While convertibles are certainly not for everyone, there are lots of times when even those who are not die-hard fans would love to find themselves in one. Driving on a scenic route on a nice summer day is one of those scenarios.

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There aren't many things more fulfilling than an open-top ride on a road with truly breathtaking panoramic views, filled with both manmade sights and amazing wonders of nature. With summer in full swing, now is the time to rent a convertible, if you don't own one, and hit the highway. Here are the top five convertible drives in America.

Bell Rock in Arizona

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1. Red Rock Scenic Byway, Arizona

Snaking between the world-famous red rocks near Sedona, Arizona, the Red Rock Scenic Byway is at the top of most lists containing the best convertible drives in America, and rightly so. It's a 7.5-mile drive, passing along some pretty spectacular sights, such as the highly popular Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock. The byway is perfect for a slow, relaxed drive with a few stops to admire the views and take a lot of great photos.

The Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, Calif.

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2. Pacific Coast Highway, California

If you are more into high-speed, thrilling rides, you can't go wrong with the Pacific Coast Highway in Northern California and the Central Coast. This 147-mile stretch of road is arguably one of the most scenic routes in the world, offering a diverse set of views that include the Big Sur cliffs, Bixby Bridge, which is definitely one of the country's best photo ops, and the breathtaking white-sand beach in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

The Houmas House in Louisiana

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3. Great River Road, Louisiana

Diverse landscapes can also be found along the Great River Road passing through Louisiana as it follows one of the world's longest and largest rivers, the Mississippi. Along this route, you will get to see all sorts of attractions—from plantation homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places to rural towns and metropolitan areas such as vibrant New Orleans and Baton Rouge. On top of the beautiful sights, the Great River Road offers a journey into some important parts of American history and gives you a very good taste of Louisiana's unique culture.

The Seven Mile Bridge

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4. Overseas Highway, Florida Keys

This is perhaps the one route that would be a great shame to drive along in anything but a convertible. It's 113 miles long, stretching between mainland Florida and Key West. Along the road, you will drive over more than 40 bridges, which give you the chance to enjoy some astonishing views without any obstruction. Depending on what time of day you choose to drive along this scenic byway, you'll also get to experience what are considered to be some of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises in the world. Among other things you'll come across while cruising along this exotic road are coral reefs and tropical savannahs, something rarely found elsewhere in the country.

Winslow, Arizona

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5. Route 66, Arizona

No list that aims to present the best and most popular convertible drives can be complete without mentioning the famous Route 66. This legendary route passes through several states, but the Arizona section is the most appealing. It offers everything you would want from a scenic route, including historic sites and wonders of nature, such as the Petrified Forest National Park, to go along with several small towns that have become popular tourist attractions for different reasons, such as Oatman, Kingman, and Williams. Arizona's Route 66 has been and continues to be a favorite for most road-trip enthusiasts, and needless to say, it's best enjoyed in a convertible.

There is something for all tastes among the country's scenic byways. There are byways that are better suited for those looking for a slow, relaxed drive, and there are routes that offer a more fast-paced, thrilling trip. You can also choose a route that only takes a few hours to cover or one that can be enjoyed over the course of several days. The only thing you need to do is decide which suits your preferences the most, and you'll be ready for a summer adventure.

Have you ever been on one of these scenic routes? Or are there other spectacular byways you would include in your list of the best convertible drives? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Last updated June 6, 2018