2023 Father's Day Gift Ideas that are Perfect for Any Gearhead

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Whether the dad in your life gets his hands dirty diagnosing a problem under the hood or while giving the vehicle a showroom-ready shine, there's an automotive-related Father's Day gift right for any dad who works on or drives a vehicle. Here are just a few ideas that fit any budget and help you recognize and show your appreciation for the dad in your life.


While not backed by scientific evidence, it's a widely accepted opinion that vehicles that look great also run better, and make their owners proud of what they're driving. With that in mind, explore the wide variety of ceramic appearance products available today for cleaning, protecting, and dazzling.

Ceramic Car Wash contains SiO2 – the main ingredient in ceramic vehicle coating – and revitalizes vehicle exteriors simply by washing the car, leaving behind ceramic protection and a brilliant shine. Spray-on hybrid ceramic wax requires no cure time or buffing. Simply spray it on, rinse it off with a steady stream of water, and dry the vehicle with a quality microfiber towel. In addition to being easy to use and major time-savers, ceramic products are durable, hydrophobic (the water-beading effect), and somewhat self-cleaning as they resist dirt and grime.


Elbow-deep around the engine block or lying on a mechanic's creeper is definitely not the place or time you want your favorite dad to realize he grabbed the wrong socket, or worse yet, can't read any of the socket size markings because they've all worn off. The DieHard socket and ratchet set comes with a lifetime warranty and sockets with easy-to-read, stamped size markings – all in a well-organized storage case so he has everything he needs, at his fingertips. Switching out sockets from the 72-tooth ratchet is a breeze too with the push-button socket release made from chrome vanadium steel and features a corrosion-resistant chrome plating.


If you don't know exactly which automotive-related gift is the best choice, or you want to let him pick out the accessory color or style to customize his ride, an Advance Auto Parts gift card is the way to go this Father's Day. Available in virtually any dollar amount, they can be purchased online or in-store. The balance can be checked online and when it gets low, the gift cards are reloadable. They really are the perfect gift for your favorite auto enthusiast who also happens to be your dad.


Whether he's the one driving or it's one of his kids behind the wheel, when the “check engine" light comes on unexpectedly the reaction is going to be the same – concern on dad's face. Ease his mind this Father's Day with the Innova Pocket Code Reader. This OBD2 code reader allows him to diagnose engine problems and the reason behind the light's illumination from the convenience of his own driveway or with a quick detour off the road into a parking lot. Depending on the code's severity, he'll know instantly whether he can clear it and continue on his way, or if it's an issue that demands immediate attention.

What are you getting for your dad this Father's Day?

Last updated March 22, 2023