5 Reasons You'll Love WeatherTech

WeatherTech floor liner package displayed in front of a black 2008 Pontiac coupe

WeatherTech FloorLiner Box | Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

Harsh weather conditions can really take a toll on both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. That is why I recently decided to purchase a good set of long-lasting floor mats that would not only upgrade my cabin's appearance, but also provide protection.

During my search, I ran across the WeatherTech brand. Their custom-fit mats and liners are durable, attractive, and help protect your car's resale value. Snow, ice, rain and sand seem to stand no chance against WeatherTech's laser-cut and snug-fitting mats.

Read on for five reasons why you should consider giving these liners a try.

factory mat next to WeatherTech

Factory Floor Mat vs WeatherTech Mat | Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

1. Easy to install

Although I love driving and admiring beautiful cars, I don't do much DIY work. So over the past few months, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and tackle a few on my downtime. One of those was installing my own WeatherTech floor liners.

After reading the instructions and watching a few YouTube videos, I was ready to start the install process.

passenger side with old factory mat

Before Installation | Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

How to Install

  1. Ensure you received the correct parts by comparing the part number on the receipt to the number on the liners.
  2. Figure out which floor liner goes on which side of the vehicle (driver or passenger side). This may seem simple, but it is not always obvious, especially when you are a new DIYer. I discovered that the WeatherTech labels always go on the outside of the floor liners and the reservoir area faces the back.
  3. Remove factory floor mats and debris from the vehicle's floor to ensure your new liners fit properly.
  4. When sliding the liner into your vehicle, always make sure it goes under the gas and brake pedal.
  5. Secure your driver's side liner by attaching it to the built-in hook(s) or fastener(s).
  6. Confirm that the pedals can function properly.

Voilà! In a matter of minutes, your cabin is upgraded and — most importantly — protected.

Safety Note: To avoid any accelerator interference, please remove all additional floor mats before installing your new liners.

passenger side with new WeatherTech mat

After Installation | Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

2. Easy to clean

There is definitely a big difference when it comes to cleaning my original factory floor mats versus cleaning these WeatherTech floor liners.

Sweeping/vacuuming away the dirt and washing the liners is a breeze. It takes half the time to clean them, and they look new once the cleaning process is complete.

cleaning products with a WeatherTech mat

Cleaning WeatherTech Liners | Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

3. Equipped to fit whatever you drive

One of the beauties of WeatherTech floor mats is that they are digitally designed to fit whatever vehicle you drive. To be completely honest, I was pleasantly surprised that they fit my 2008 Pontiac Coupe G6 so well.

SUV parked offroad

WeatherTech is versatile, dressing up a Pontiac coupe or handling your offroad adventures | Getty

4. Provides protection

These custom-fitted liners are perfect for protecting your vehicle's floor from messes, spills and harsh weather conditions. There was a torrential rainstorm a few days after I installed them, and I was sure that the foot area of my vehicle would get soaked.

Although my rain jacket didn't help me much, my vehicle's floor stayed dry, and there was no damp odor following the storm.

Protect Your Investment

Did you know that replacing your floor mats could actually increase the value of your vehicle? Read more to find out why. 

5. Comes with a lifetime limited warranty

It wasn't until recently that I started to actually value warranties on things like appliances, TV's, handbags, car mats, etc.

Why now? Well let's just say I learned the hard way, and my family now refers to me as the warranty queen. :)

This is why I was pretty excited to learn that these liners come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Note: The warranty is not transferable and doesn't cover things like normal wear and tear. However, it does cover material and workmanship issues.

When you shop with Advance online, make sure to take advantage of the "Add a vehicle" feature up top — this will lead you to a perfect match. If you'd rather see WeatherTech liners in person, stop by your local store to see custom-fit samples.

Do you have WeatherTech mats or wish you did? Let us know in the comments if you've experienced them for yourself.

Last updated February 10, 2021