High Performance Car Battery

High Performance Car Battery

What to Should Look for in the Best High Performance Battery 

A high performance car battery is a battery that can supply for all your car’s electronic needs under almost any condition. Now, you can’t expect your new battery to perform just as well in -30 degrees or when you’re trying to use your car to power a heavy-duty, external audio system that would normally not be usable in a vehicle. However, the best car batteries out there should power your main systems without a problem and perform reliably under trying circumstances, such as a heat wave or in colder winter conditions. Find out which battery is right for your vehicle.

High Performance and Changing Temperature and Weather

First of all, it’s important to know that your high performance car battery has enough cold cranking amps to perform well in almost any temperature conditions. Colder weather is usually a bigger challenge not only because it’s harder to generate enough energy to power everything properly, start your engine and heat up the car, but also because the chemical process in a conventional lead/acid battery is weakened considerably at cold temperatures. Brands that are known to consistently deliver 800+ cold cranking amps should be the first place to start. Just keep in mind that your vehicle will have a minimum number of CCA it requires, so check that in your car owner’s manual before buying any batteries.

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Pricing Considerations for High Performance Batteries

A high performance car battery is typically more expensive than your average lead-acid battery – that’s a given. However, depending on what you need it to do, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Also, you’ll find some brands actually work to offer batteries based on newer, more technologically advanced designs, reducing the price of a lithium-ion battery considerably. Before choosing a pricing range, think about what your battery will need to power, and the size of your vehicle’s engine. You might have a powerful audio system, and you might be driving in colder conditions a lot. Take that into account. Also, make sure that, by choosing a lower cost, you don’t sacrifice things like reliability and warranty coverage or the robust construction of a slightly more expensive battery.

A Battery with a Longer Lifespan

It won’t be typically recommended for you to keep a battery for more than 5-6 years, even if you choose one of the best high performance car battery models out there. That being said, there are low-maintenance designs out there that eliminate the need for topping up lead-acid batteries, checking electrolyte levels or jump-starting in bad weather. Also, a good option here is to get a car battery with a longer warranty, so you can get your money back if, by chance, it dies on you during the first 1-2 years of use.

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Optima Car Batteries – Your Ideal Choice

OPTIMA batteries balance the lower cost of typical lead-acid batteries with an innovative, high performance design. Each cell is designed with the lead plates wound up into a carefully designed spiral shape for better versatility and resilience. This makes them perfect under racing conditions, especially when it comes to using them for off-road vehicles. Also, OPTIMA batteries never miss a beat when the temperatures go down. They are not only an excellent choice for starting your car in low-temperature climates, but also for times when temperatures fluctuate quite suddenly. It’s easy to see then why OPTIMA is seen as the best high performance car battery available on the market today.

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Last updated March 22, 2021