6 Auto-DIY Projects to Complete this Summer

It’s finally summer – time to relax, find some water to cool down in, and for DIYers like us, tackle seasonal maintenance. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get started, we have some excellent (and money-saving!) news.


Sun damage to seats is no joke. The process is slow; one you often don’t notice until it’s too late. Whether you have fabric or leather seats, the sun is their kryptonite, often leading to fading or cracking. Luckily, sun shades provide vital protection from UV rays. Not only do they keep dark seats from turning into molten lava, but they also prevent your hands from burning on the steering wheel and console. Now that’s a win! 


Sun Shades Help Keep Your Car Cool | Image: Getty

This summer, you can save 15% on select sun shades at Advance and say goodbye to oven-like interiors! Find one that fits, and you just finished your first beginner-level DIY project! 



If you want a photo-worthy vehicle in minutes, Black Magic Tire Wet Spray is a must-have! Spray it onto clean, dry tires, wait a few minutes, wipe off any excess spray from the wheels and voila, shiny tires! Plus, it smells like cherries – so cool. 


Shine Bright | Image: Getty 



We’re leveling up the difficulty a bit here, but this DIY is well worth the challenge. Are you noticing that your A/C isn’t cooling you off like it used to?

Hot Day & No Air | Image: Getty 

If it’s blowing hot air (and not for just the first few minutes after start-up), then it may be low on refrigerant. A/C Pro is the easy solution – and right now, you can save $10 on it. 

A/C Pro does two things: replaces lost refrigerant and seals up small leaks. The trickiest part is finding the right port to hook it up to, so we recommend using this guide on how to use A/C Pro




It’s a classic DIY job. Changing your oil at regular intervals is very important, and Advance wants to reward you for taking good care of your vehicle. Advance oil change bundles include five quarts of oil, plus an oil filter at one low price.


Keep Your Car on The Road With Regular Oil Changes | Image: Getty 

This summer, purchase a Mobil 1 oil change bundle and get a $15 gift card by mail—your choice of either an Advance Auto Parts gift card or an Exxon and Mobil gas gift card! You’ll even get 2X Speed Perks bonus points if you’re a Speed Perks member. Once you’re done, come back and recycle your old oil with us. 


Brake changes are at the practically pro-difficulty level. More complex, yes, but it’s also a rewarding way to level up your DIY skills. With the right tools and parts and helpful how-to guides, you got this!  





If your battery is already nearing the end of its life, the intense summer sun may be the breaking point. Continuous heat can drain your battery. Rather than risk losing power, stop by your local Advance store for free battery testing. If it’s time to replace, consider DieHard's selection of Power Sports, Marine, and Lawn & Garden batteries! These batteries are built to meet the electrical demands of your favorite summer toys and tools, like your jet ski, motorcycle, lawn mower and more. Power up your summer with DieHard! 

Save money on summer DIY essentials and remember, our Team Members are always ready to help, no matter how big (or small) the job.

Last updated September 20, 2023