Why Is It Important To Wax Your Car? (Hint: It's More Than Just Looking Good)

The reasons why it's critically important to apply car wax regularly to your vehicle are so compelling that it's hard to decide which is the most important. However, if you like saving money and protecting your investment, doing less work, and driving a vehicle that looks great, you're going to love waxing your ride at least twice a year. Here's why.

Waxing Car


Protect The Finish – And Your Investment

When parked outside or driven, a vehicle's exterior is exposed to harsh environmental factors. The sun's ultraviolet rays, road salt, bird droppings, tree sap, tar, and bugs are all conspiring to attack a vehicle's clear coat – the only line of defense standing between these contaminants and permanent damage to your car's paint job. Waxing the vehicle regularly with high-quality automotive wax adds an extra layer of renewable protection between the damage-causing pollutants and the clear coat. In addition, protecting the finish with a high-quality product such as Turtle Wax will help prevent the paint from fading and being damaged by any corrosive debris that adheres to the vehicle's surface. A car with a well-maintained, great-looking paint job retains its value and requires less expensive bodywork as it ages.

Make Vehicle Washes Easier

Applying wax to your car or truck makes it much easier to wash the vehicle. That's because the layer of car wax makes it difficult for road grime, tree sap, and other contaminants to adhere to the surface. Instead, they're easily removed with a thorough, regular car wash, instead of investing more time and effort eliminating contaminants with bug and tar remover or resorting to rubbing compounds to repair severe damage.

A Better-Looking Ride

A vehicle that's been waxed regularly looks better. That's because the car wax application process helps remove any oxidation and other imperfections built up on the car's surface. Removing that layer of dirt and debris allows the paint to shine through in all its true glory and lets the vehicle stay clean longer.

Clean Car Headlight


How To Wax A Car

Waxing a vehicle is easy, doesn't require any technical skills or know-how, and is one of the smallest investments you can make to protect and enhance your vehicle. Start by thoroughly washing the car, then dry it using microfiber towels or a natural or synthetic chamois. Next, choose a liquid or paste wax and have a ready supply of polishing and waxing towels on hand to buff the wax, or consider investing in a car waxer or orbital polisher to make the job easier and faster.

Now that you know why it's important to wax your vehicle regularly and how easy the job will be, the only thing left to do is become a dedicated car waxer and make that vehicle shine today!


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Last updated February 16, 2023