7 Auto Activities to Enjoy With Your Kids This Summer

Source | Weekend Images Inc. Warm weather is here, and that means it's time to get outside for family fun – with four wheels! Whether you are trying to plan a fabulous Mother's Day afternoon, a surprise for Father's Day or brainstorm new activities for kids that involve their favorite hobby ever (all things cars!), we've got you covered. Buckle up and consider a few of these auto ideas.


1. Sign Up for an Off-Road Adventure

Are you a four-wheeling family or dream of getting a 4WD vehicle soon? A quick online search will help you learn of the nearest off-roading club or adventure sports center that offers backroad mudding or beach drives (with your vehicle or a rental) that are sure to get the adrenaline pumping for the whole family.


2. Tour an Oil Change Shop

Do you have a budding mechanic in your crew? Call the local family-owned tire and lube shop and explain that your kiddo is a grease monkey and would love to see a pro oil change, car hoist and oil reservoir up close. Offer to make an appointment for your vehicle so the owners don't lose out on any business – and then watch your child learn.


3. Attend a Classic Car Show

Source | Tim Mossholder

If your family is into vintage charm, summer is when the beauties come out to strut their stuff. You'll find classic car cruises touring highways and sitting pretty in parks across the country this summer. Browse Car Collectors Club and Old Cars Weekly to see if there's one near you for the kids to get a close-up look at some cars from yesteryear.


4. Go to the Car Wash Together

Got active toddlers? Slip swimsuits on them, load them into their child safety seats, grab some sponges and head to the manual car wash for some automotive fun in the sun with lots of suds. As a family, you can scrub the car together and work on naming the vehicle parts together. The kids will be entertained, the car will get refreshed and memories will be made!


5. Join a Car Club Ride

Is your family more laid back? A relaxing ride in the country may be the perfect auto-inspired activity to add to the calendar. Car clubs like to host summer get-togethers where members polish up their prized vehicles, head out on a scenic drive and land at a hidden gem of a diner for supper. Does this sound like the perfect way to celebrate a holiday, birthday or anniversary with the kids? Do it!


6. Shop the Auto Parts Store Together

If your teen asks to get under the hood with you more often, encourage it! Plan a trip to Advance Auto Parts to get the things you need for your next tune-up or repair. Show your child how to look up part numbers and identify the proper items for the make and model of the vehicle. When it comes to cars, one size does not fit all.


7. Change a Part on the Family Car

Source | Advance Auto

Consider pairing the auto parts store trip with some hands-on activity. For example, if you pick up new windshield wiper blades and windshield washer fluid, take them home, and work with your kids to install them on the car. This will empower them to do regular maintenance tasks on their own vehicles in the future.

Whether you're a family of adventure seekers, vintage car enthusiasts or like to get your hands dirty, there are many ways to get your kids involved this summer. From off-road adventures and classic car shows to DIY maintenance projects and leisurely drives through the countryside, the possibilities are endless. Here's to an exciting summer ahead!

Tell us about your latest auto adventures in the comments below to inspire other readers with activities they can enjoy with their families.

Last updated May 23, 2023