5 Easy Ways to Pet Proof Your Ride

Source | Lillie Morales

Pet parents love their fur babies and enjoy including them in activities such as running errands, trips to the park, family road trips and so much more.

It's always cute and often hilarious when you see a car riding by and their dog hanging out the window, taking in the breeze. That pup is living its absolute best life and inspires us to do the same.

While living in the fast lane, pets can leave behind fur, stains and even tears in the upholstery. The value of a pet-proofed ride can keep you and your furry friends comfortable and safe.

We have several car care tips to help you keep your car clean and ready for a tail-wagging good time:

1. Keep Your Ride Clean

Cleaning your ride before pet-proofing is important. You wouldn't want your pets to ingest dirt, foreign objects, or any old food that could make them sick.

Additionally, keeping your car clean is just as important. A clean car prevents allergies, bad odors and of course, keeps fur from clinging to your clothes.

PRO TIP: Treat yourself and hire a detailer or read more to learn about some helpful detailing products and save some money by doing it yourself!


Source | Lillie Morales

2. Clean Accidents Quickly

Occasional accidents will happen, and when they do, it is a good practice to keep these cleaning products on hand so you can clean up the mess as quickly as possible.

A fast response will help to keep stains from setting in and odors from sticking around longer than necessary.

3. Protect Your Car's Interior

There are several ways you can protect your car's interior, like keeping your pets' nails clipped, investing in socks for your pet, or purchasing a durable and comfortable seat cover.

A universal pet pad seat cover can protect your interior from accidents, hair, muddy paws and rips. This seat cover is waterproof and made with heavy-duty quilted nylon, which will keep your pet comfortable during travel time. For extra protection, a pet hammock provides extra coverage to keep your interior clean while giving your pup more room to stretch out.


Source | Lillie Morales

4. Give Your Dog Its Own Space

Did you know that you can purchase seat belts for your furry best friend?

How cool is that!? Check out Bella & Max seat belt and give your pet the space to roam and stay safely out of your field of vision while driving.

If you prefer that your dog or cat ride in the SUV's cargo area, a pet barrier is another great option.

5. All-Weather Floor Mats

Carpets can be tough to keep clean and may get expensive to maintain, especially when you have pets.

If you are a pet parent who travels with your fur babies, investing in a set of heavy-duty Weathertech floor mats can make your life easier. These mats have grooves to catch accidents and spills, making them extremely easy to clean.

Do you own any fur friends? If so, tell us how you pet-proof your vehicle and what pet accessories you love for the car!

Last updated April 20, 2023