9 Tips to Replace Your Wipers Like a Pro

Windshield Wiper

Driving in poor weather conditions is challenging enough. Worn windshield wipers impair visibility and further increase the likelihood of an accident. Replacement wiper blades are better able to maintain smooth, chatter-free contact with the windshield, providing an unobstructed view of the road ahead and behind. We recommend that you replace windshield wipers every six months. Stop in to your local Advance Auto Parts - purchase new replacement blades at Advance and we will reinstall them for free.

Vehicle System
Wipers & Lighting
Skill Level

This is a good project for new DIYers

Time to Complete
Less than 1 hour
  1. When you're ready to replace windshield wipers, place the new wiper blade alongside the old one and compare them to ensure they are the same length.

    Wiper Replace Step 1
  2. Carefully lift the wiper assembly arm off the windshield so it's pointing up in the air.

  3. Find the small tab on the center of the wiper blade where the blade meets and is attached to the metal wiper blade arm.

    Wiper Replace Step 3
  4. Depress the tab, using needle-nose pliers if needed, and slide the old blade off the arm. Check the posts that the wiper arms mount to for slop and play. Older vehicles used plastic connectors in the wiper linkage, and these can degrade and become worn and brittle with age.

    Wiper Replace Step 4
  5. Wiper Replace Step 4B
    Pro Tip
    Wiper Replace Pro tip

    Put a piece of cardboard across the windshield to protect it in case the metal wiper arms make contact.

    While the wiper arms are up, apply a coat of Rain-X water repellent; it makes the wipers' job much easier and more efficient.

  6. Slide the new wiper blade onto the wiper blade arm and listen for it to "click" into place.

    Wiper Replace Step 5
  7. Use the small towelette, if included in the package, to clean the new wiper blade.

  8. Carefully lower the wiper blade assembly, resting it against the windshield again.

  9. Repeat the process for the remaining front wiper blade and the rear window blade, if applicable.

  10. Test the new wiper blades by using the windshield washer function.

Last updated May 18, 2023