Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are a great aftermarket option for any truck.

A tonneau cover will clean up your truck's lines for a sleek look and will protect any valuable stuff you might happen to be hauling in the bed, giving you an extra level of security. They even help enhance your truck's aerodynamics and cut drag and turbulence that occurs as air moves past the truck bed.

Source | Dwight Burdette

The question isn't whether you need a tonneau cover for your truck; instead, it's which tonneau will best suit your needs. There are tonneau covers that are made for heavy hauling and security with a work truck, and then there are tonneaus that are better suited for a street custom or an everyday grocery hauler. There are also tonneaus for mini-trucks, midsize and full-size trucks of every make and model, with every size and option of bed.

You can choose from tri-fold tonneaus, flip-up or roll-up covers, retractable covers, covers that are hinged at the front and open alligator-style, hard covers, soft (but tough) vinyl covers, aluminum covers and many more. Whether you're hauling furniture, tools, golf clubs, or groceries, it's a good idea to protect your cargo from the elements, the wind and prying eyes. And that's where tonneau covers come in really handy.

If you're thinking about a tonneau for your truck, Advance Auto Parts is here for you. Choose from top brands such as Extang, Covercraft, and FX Products. Have a look around, and we're sure you'll find the right one for your truck , your needs, and your budget!

Last updated December 17, 2020