Truck Bumpers

If you're planning on doing some serious off-road action or you just want a tough custom look for your truck, upgrading from your stock bumpers is a good idea.

Source | Filip Bunkens

For a work truck, step bumpers are a nice feature that make it easier to get in and out of the bed of the truck. Newer step bumpers actually feature a foot stirrup at the corner or end of the bumper for just that purpose.

For off-road, check out the tubular or double-tube truck bumpers—tough bumpers available in powder-coat, chrome, or stainless finishes and fabricated from heavy-gauge steel that's robotically welded for durability. Many tubular and double-tube truck bumpers are designed to be compatible with grille guards or bull bars, and many come with mounting points for lights as well.

Our truck bumpers feature heavy-duty finishes and undercoating for resistance to corrosion and pitting, and they're custom-engineered for your vehicle's make, model, and year. Whether you drive a Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, or practically anything else, you can find custom bumpers at Advance Auto Parts that will be a perfect fit for your vehicle and your budget.

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Last updated November 11, 2019